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When you are on top of your game, you are always busy due to the wide variety of activities. One of the most important activity that enables you to reach the zenith and stay there is by ensuring that your organizations business and production are handled effectively and in a lean manner. To accomplish this you rely on basic tools such as spreadsheets or in some cases even papers. This not only makes it difficult for you to analyze and identify the areas of improvement but also poses a potential threat of losing your valuable data. QMQuest enables you to streamline the processes of your business and perform the root cause analysis of issues in your organization. Not only this, but QMQuest also enables you to be prepared for quality audits. With QMQuest, you can leave all your worries behind and start focusing on the upward growth of your organization.



For mass production of Ayurvedic medicines, you have to ensure that you use high-quality raw materials. Quality and Purity with uniformity are achieved only when you adhere to standards and perform stringent quality checks on raw material as well as finished products. These are tedious and difficult tasks and if not performed satisfactorily, they can impact the overall quality of a batch. With AnalyzeAM you can execute various quality tests as well as use the vast database of raw materials of Ayurvedic medicines to identify the correct material and enforce quality control from the source itself. In addition, you can refer our recommended tests and processes to configure your own processes and quality tests based on your requirement. This will help you to manufacture medicines that your customers can trust on



OEP is conducting a test online to measure the knowledge of the ITI students about their trade. With online examination, students can do the exam online, in their own time and with their own device, regardless of where they live. This test is available online as well as offline format. Students can see the results immediately afterward. The big benefit of this examination is the reduction of cost and time, both from the student and the teacher. Everybody who needs an exam to be taken by a group of students. For this product, our customers range from individual students to schools and teachers. The online exam is provided with a timer. It's easy to get started with our online examination software. First, you are able to write a short introduction. Questions are of types like multiple choice or fill in the blanks. An explanation of the answer will be shown after you have made the exam. There will be a time limit for the whole exam or per question.


Inventory Management

This is specially designed for the inventory management of the ITI institutes, which can be generalized for the companies or other colleges as well. Inventory management refers to the process of ordering, storing and using an ITI's inventory. The features of Academics – Inventory Management software module covers indenting of items, Quotation, Purchase Order Generation, Material Receipt and Purchase of materials, Issue of Items to sub stores, kitchen, electrical, furniture, education materials on internal requisition. It generates certain reports like requisition report, Indent register, Material Receipt report, Purchase register, Department wise issue report, Stock Ledgers, etc. The Software Solution introduces the Inventory/ Store Management Module to keep you on top of all aspects of material management by ensuring that there is round the clock availability of sufficient stock. The inventory/stock management system helps you to maintain all records of college inventory. This Stock Module will handle all type of transactions concerning purchase, storage, and issue of all stock items to the department. The Objective of the Project is to design an Inventory Management system for college which will manage the stock of different products and items. The application will contain module like stock Information of different products category, available stock, price of different items, etc. One can also extract any reports relating to purchase and Sale. The inventory management will have all the categories, subcategories, items, Stock details, and reports. It consists of all the entries like,Transactions Related to Purchase and Transfer, Stock Register , Current Stock Position, and Consumption Details, Daily Goods Receipt/ Issue Register,Purchase Order, Purchase Order Status, Item-wise Supplier Details, Short Item Details, Purchase Status, Item Issue, and Stock Ledge Details, Master Creation, Category / subcategory, Items list, Suppliers / vendors list, Data Entry, Goods received, Goods return, Goods issued, Stock purchase order generation Reports, Stock available, Stock issued, Stock received/returned, etc. Also, it alerts you when the stock of goods goes beyond a predefined level.