OEP is conducting a test online to measure the knowledge of the ITI students about their trade. With online examination, students can do the exam online, in their own time and with their own device, regardless of where they live. This test is available online as well as offline format. Students can see the results immediately afterward. The big benefit of this examination is the reduction of cost and time, both from the student and the teacher. Everybody who needs an exam to be taken by a group of students. For this product, our customers range from individual students to schools and teachers. The online exam is provided with a timer. It is easy to get started with our online examination software. First, you are able to write a short introduction. Questions are of types like multiple choice or fill in the blanks. An explanation of the answer will be shown after you have made the exam. There will be a time limit for the whole exam or per question.


  • All Sections will be covered. Devise a proper strategy and know which areas you need improvement. So do not miss out any of these practice papers based on your syllabus. Still getting stuck while solving questions based? Then start practicing for Theory question in this online test and become proficient in this topic before you appear to your main exam. These tests are very helpful in preparations, so make a habit of attempting these mock tests and experience the improvement in your skills.
  • It saves paper. You never have to print an exam for your students and hand them out. Saves paper. Saves trees. Everybody was happy.
  • It saves time. You can set up an exam in such a way that it will auto-grade itself. If you only use multiple-choice questions you never have to check an exam again. The online exam system will take care of that hassle. Completely automated.
  • It saves more time. The distribution of the exam doesn't take you any time. Just upload the email addresses of your students and send them an invite. And after the exam they get their result instantly.
  • It saves you money. You don't need to buy any paper. Sending an email is free. On top of that, you save on the logistics. Your students don't have to assemble in the classroom to take the exam. They can do it within a given time frame from their own device. You don't have to rent a classroom. You don't have to hire someone to check the students taking the exam.
  • It's more secure. Every student gets a random selection from that question bank. So it's of little use to share the questions among the exam takers to give them a head start.
  • Online examination is becoming more popular in this digital century.

  • Electrician: Attempt mock tests, practice papers for electrician trade here and be prepared well for the trade test.
  • Fitter: Assess your Fitter skills by attempting multiple choice questions in the online/offline practice tests for All India Trade Test. Start preparing by practicing question sets, analyze and eventually improve your performance.
  • Turner: Practice for the trade test for Turner by attempting multiple mock test papers and give your preparation an edge.
  • Welder:- Attempt mock tests, practice papers for welding trade here and be prepared well for the trade test.

  • On the basis of the same product i.e. OEP, we can make any type of exam as per your demand.
  • It will consist follwing properties:-

  • A)User-friendly system:-
  • User-friendly systems are needed for the participants."Intuitive" is key. One of the best examples is the software of the iPhone. It has a lot of options, but is still something you can figure out without needing a manual. Of course, an online examination system is different, but still has some similarities.

  • B)Responsive design:-
  • A responsive site scales with the size of the screen without sacrificing the text readability or usability of the user interface.Powerful examinations for e-Learning and online educationwhich are useful for schools, colleges, universities, teachers and professors for managing question papers and examinations. Recruiters and HR managers can use it for candidate's skills evaluation by conducting online test.

  • C)Automatically checked answer:-
  • Having to check all answers is very time-consuming. So, having the answers checked automatically and instantly will eventually pay off. It's less work for the creator of the exam and participants don't have to wait too long for getting the results of their exams. Catching two birds with one stone

  • D)Group report performance analysis:-
  • Having the results and statistics is nice to get a whole overview of the performances.

  • E)Engaging exams and tests:-
  • We are expert in building and creating the most engaging exams combining text, video, images, practice questions. These exams will be challenging for the students and which will easy to use.