Inventory Management


This is specially designed for the inventory management of the ITI institutes, which can be generalized for the companies or other colleges as well. Inventory management refers to the process of ordering, storing and using an ITI inventory. The features of Academics Inventory Management software module covers indenting of items, Quotation, Purchase Order Generation, Material Receipt and Purchase of materials, Issue of Items to sub stores, kitchen, electrical, furniture, education materials on internal requisition. It generates certain reports like requisition report, Indent register, Material Receipt report, Purchase register, Department wise issue report, Stock Ledgers, etc. The Software Solution introduces the Inventory/ Store Management Module to keep you on top of all aspects of material management by ensuring that there is round the clock availability of sufficient stock. The inventory/stock management system helps you to maintain all records of college inventory. This Stock Module will handle all type of transactions concerning purchase, storage, and issue of all stock items to department. The Objective of the Project is to design an Inventory Management system for college which will manage the stock of different products and items. The application will contain module like stock Information of different products category, available stock, price of different items, etc. One can also extract any reports relating to purchase and sale. The inventory management will have all the categories, subcategories, items, Stock details, and reports. It consists of all the entries like,Transactions Related to Purchase and Transfer, Stock Register , Current Stock Position, and Consumption Details, Daily Goods Receipt/ Issue Register,Purchase Order, Purchase Order Status, Item-wise Supplier Details, Short Item Details, Purchase Status, Item Issue, and Stock Ledge Details, Master Creation, Category / subcategory, Items list, Suppliers / vendors list, Data Entry, Goods received, Goods return, Goods issued, Stock purchase order generation Reports, Stock available, Stock issued, Stock received/returned, etc. Also, it alerts you when the stock of goods goes beyond a predefined level.


  • Track inventory- Manage and accurately locate inventory and assets such as equipment, consumables, library resources, and fixed assets using sophisticated identification tools.
  • Maintain optimal inventory level- Our stock inventory management system enables higher education institutions to maintain optimal reorder level and sends automatic alerts to replenish stocks.
  • Audit assets- Instantly locate all your assets with real-time tracking and conduct asset audits for better inventory management and control over assets in a highly secure environment.
  • Asset scheduling- Using our inventory control software, create asset schedules on multiple purchase orders to streamline inventory tracking and requests.
  • Create asset codes- Configure critical assets with user-defined attributes and create high-quality asset codes to identify assets.
  • Storage Management- It offers high performance storage to seamlessly transfer large data to and from the cloud-based system or locally on-premises.
  • Accurate inventory tracking- It is known for its ease of use, high performance and accurate inventory tracking system on cloud, web and mobile devices that colleges and higher education need.
  • Simplify purchases- Simplify and automate the processing of purchases with automatic routing of requests and assignment of work orders to optimize resource allocation and eliminate task redundancy.
  • Cost savings- This inventory management software with pre-formatted forms and fields, automatic data backup, easy upgrades, cost savings in hardware, software or IT support.