For mass production of Ayurvedic medicines, you have to ensure that you use high-quality raw materials. Quality and Purity with uniformity are achieved only when you adhere to standards and perform stringent quality checks on raw material as well as finished products. These are tedious and difficult tasks and if not performed satisfactorily, they can impact the overall quality of a batch. With AnalyzeAM you can execute various quality tests as well as use the vast database of raw materials of Ayurvedic medicines to identify the correct material and enforce quality control from the source itself. In addition, you can refer our recommended tests and processes to configure your own processes and quality tests based on your requirement. This will help you to manufacture medicines that your customers can trust on.


  • Member care information to facilitate easy tracking and elegant reporting
  • Management of contributions and funds to sustain good financial health
  • Engaging online community tools to connect all members and visitors
  • Volunteer management to leverage their true potential
  • Event management with complete schedule synchronization
  • Simplified communication system to reach who needs help
  • Complete administration solutions to carve out more time for your ministry team
  • Childcare check-ins with robust security protection